JJ Middleway and Adrian Rooke

JJ and Adrian will be offering two workshops during Camp.

Which Power Animal will choose me?

A brief examination of Power Animals and their relevance. How do Power Animals come to us? Using the Druid Animal Oracle as a tool, we will ritually discover which animal spirit is currently looking to communicate its wisdom to each of us. Having spent some time with our power animal, we will then look to share any knowledge and insight between us.

Druid Animals of the Four Directions.

An exploration into the qualities and meaning of each animal of the four directions as found in the western Druid tradition: The Hawk, the Stag, the Salmon and the Bear. Together we will embody and represent the spirit of each animal in order to gain fresh insight and a deeper understanding. We will share song, guided visualisation and ‘spontaneous recall’ to help us in this.

JJ will also be offering Sacred Singing in the style of Enchanting the Void as at previous camps along with a session of Sacred Sauna. This form of Western Devotional music has been offered fortnightly in Stroud for some years and has more recently been travelling in Europe to such countries as Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy. It might equally be regarded as Druid Devotional music – very much rooted in and honouring and celebrating this beautiful land on which we stand together. It offers a deeply healing and joyous way of celebrating together. For more info see: www.enchantingthevoid.co.uk

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