Meetings: Inaugural Meeting

Augural meeting to discuss the future of Druid Camp following the apparent demise of Rainbow Futures – 18th March 2018.

Present – MG and MR

It was agreed that there was support for Druid Camp continuing (from comments on the Facebook page etc).  It was noted that Jules has confirmed that a number of tickets for Rainbow Futures Druid Camp have been sold.  It is believed that about £2,000 had been paid to Rainbow Futures, which is not likely to be transferred should a new structure be formed to take Druid Camp forward.

Discussion – MG and MR (who have been involved in organising and promoting Rainbow Druid Camp since its inception) felt a moral obligation to try to continue Druid Camp in order to honour tickets already sold, and to respond to the desire expressed on facebook for the camp to continue.  It was felt that a not for profit association should be formed which would allow members to attend camp.   


MG and MR will seek to set up a suitable structure to take Druid Camp forward including a constitution and committee to run the camp.  MG and MR will meet again and formally adopt the constitution setting up the Druid Camp Association once progress has been made. 

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