We do it slowly, we do it right

I know it’s been some time, and we’ve had many emails and phone calls asking “when will we be able to buy our tickets?”. So I thought I’d just let you know what Mark’s been up to.

In order to run Druid Camp without the back room services up until now provided by Rainbow, he’s had to

  1. Find a new site – done, deposit paid. Lovely woodland glade site with hot showers and cafe.
  2. Get performers and speakers previously booked to confirm the new dates or get new ones.
  3. Create a Constitution for Druid Camp so that it can operate effectively with banking etc.
  4. Set up a complete new payments and ticketing system.
  5. Establish who’s already paid Rainbow for a ticket (and honour that ticket).

We’re just finalising that payments and ticketing system. We’ve tried several, some posh and some not so much. Some had significant booking charges. in the end we’re going with a PayPal based system.

This is subject to updates once the system is implemented, but when you click on the ‘buy button’ you’ll get the normal PayPal receipt in email, and it will also generate a ticket from this end, which you should receive from us within 72 hours. That last bits not automatic, which is why it will take time. If you are concerned your ticket hasn’t turned up, just email us.

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