Meeting 26th April 2018

Minutes of Druid Camp Association Committee held on 26th April 2018

Present – MG (Chair), MR (Secretary)

Following the demise of the Rainbow Futures organisation and the apparent loss of all monies paid for the purchase of tickets to Druid Camp 2018, long standing supporters of Druid Camp have come together to establish a new organisation to enable Druid Camps to continue.  

  1. Site

MG has secured a site for the camp (detail have been emailed to committee members).  The total cost will be £2,000.  Mark has paid the deposit and will need to be refunded as money becomes available. 

  1. Bank Account

MG agreed that he would use his spare bank account to receive subscription transferred from paypal – to be used only in pursuit of item 2 of the constitution – this is due to the complication and cost of setting up a separate account.

  1. Receipt of Subscriptions

MR will set up option on website to pay subscriptions.  MR and MG to create paypal account to which both will have access.

  1. Thank You Page

MR will create thank you page to acknowledge membership for people paying subscription via website.  

  1. Druid Camp Membership Acknowledgement  

Paypal receipt will act as acknowledgement of membership and ticket to camp.

  1. Constitution

The Druid Camp Constitution was formally adopted.  MR to published on the Druid Camp website. 

  1. Treasurer

EH offered to be treasurer and was unanimously elected.

  1. Rainbow Futures Tickets

Anyone with a Rainbow Futures Druid Camp ticket will be able to attend Druid Camp 2018.  Jules has sent a list of people who have purchased Rainbow Futures tickets and they will be informed of the new dates.  A commitment will be made to try to refund those who can’t make the new dates as the financial situation becomes clearer.



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