Tickets go Live!

Ok, we’re all up and running.

Ticketing through PayPal has been set up and tested (not to destruction, just to successful completion!). We know that you will get two emails when you buy tickets – one from us “Druid Camp” which will itemise the tickets you have bought, and one from PayPal which is your formal receipt of payment. The Thank You page you are sent to after purchase links to a Google map of the Site Location and to the new Constitution of the Druid Camp association that you become members of for the duration of the year’s Druid Camp. We get a matching email, which we will be using at the Gate during Camp to check you in to site. People who paid money to Rainbow Futures before they went under have also been contacted. If anyone has questions about tickets they can email but we’ve a new site, and new dates, and we’ll be contacting speakers, presenters and performers in the next weeks to set up the magic of Camp. All that is now required is you. You can buy your tickets to Druid Camp 2018 by clicking here.

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