Druid Camp Favourites Too!

Happy to confirm, both Mad Magdalen and Loopy Tom McNair will return to Druid Camp this year!

We’re now working on the speakers, crafters and workshops and more information will get here shortly. We’re also making a site visit tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to give you some photographic evidence of the fantastic site we’ll be using. May the weather gods give me sunshine and blue skies…

The list is building too of the folk wishing to work their ticket. We do need a small number of people to assist with the everyday operations of Druid Camp such as toilet cleaning, gate duty and fire control. You can get in touch at the normal address.

Someone sent me a link to a short video I’d not seen before and I thought I’d put it here for you, to remind regulars and inspire the new folk of the love and connection we get at Druid Camp.

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