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There have been a few different venues for Druid Camp over the years, on top of the hill at Rodley, beside the woodland stream at Dingestow and other places. Each one brings something new to the party, so to speak. When we had to change site I knew it would have to be to somewhere different again, and fabulous. I’m really rather impressed that we’ve got such a great place for this year’s Camp.

Mark and I arrived independently. I don’t know what his little car is called, but you can see Morrigan here (right) by what will be the main site access. It’s easily found on the Flaxley Road, off the A48 near Westbury on Severn. By the time Camp is here, it’ll have a funky entrance and a Camp Gatehouse maintaining our privacy and safety. We’ll keep a space here too for people who want to have a quiet camp – once most folk are on site it’ll be a lovely relaxing place.

To the left once you’ve come in, there’s the car parking area where all our four wheeled friends can have a gathering of their own (left). Druid Camp is always car free once the initial unpacking has been done, and this makes for a far safer and a nicer space for us. Between the car parking area and the camp and camping field there is a rise to a small hilltop, and more fields beyond!

Here’s Mister Druid Camp walking past the smaller of the two woodlands (right) that we will have access to. You can see the flat gassed area beyond which will be the main camping site. To the left of this is the main Camp where the marquees and cafe and other stuff will be.

And even further to the left is the larger woodland. Mark can’t wait to get into it (left)! There is space in here for workshops, singing, drumming… in fact we discussed it and decided we’d probably call this the song wood, and the other one the contemplation wood – a quiet space in the latter for meditation, handily also not far from the Gate and the quiet camping area.

The woods, both woods, are lovely. I for one shall not forget to bring a hammock. There are trails leading off deeper into the wood than we had time for today…

In the woods there are… yes, proper three stall composting toilets! I knew you’d be impressed. Even better than the previous long drop bury and forget toilets, they’re a great reason to go down to the woods today. We will have these magnificent beasts brought up to Druid Camp loveliness by the time you get here. We will also have a couple of portable toilets (Turdises for the aficionados) and a disability portal which will be available to those who need it.

On the subject of accessibility, I believe it’s quite a good site. Level over much of it; bumpy of course, as you would expect of a field used by cattle. There’s a bit of a rise in the middle but it’s flat between the main camping site and the main marquee area. The woodlands are of course a challenge, being a natural space, but negotiable. If you have particular needs, get in touch.

I’m afraid the shower block wasn’t on site – well, there are cows in the field right now and they fight over the soap… but I gather it’s pretty fab and gas powered so there’s always hot water. There is a steam room too, I believe. I will miss the old wood fired sauna – unless of course something magical happens.

I’m really chuffed with the site. There are minor issues of course… a bit of wet boggy ground that we need to control access to, for example. Mind, there have been mud baths and battles before… but once the facilities arrive this will be a fantastic Druid Camp site.

The excitement is building, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of the bare bones Druid Camp site.

/|\ bish


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