Throwing Axe and Knife Skills Workshop

Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing Workshops

Happily, the Druid Camp site is extensive and we’ve got plenty of space in which to hold workshops that need a little extra safety margin!

Dane has been a regular facilitator and member of the Rainbow Family for 17 years. As in previous years he is offering two sessions of the fun Circus skill of ‘Target Knife and Axe Throwing’. Whether you are a regular thrower or have never tried it, you will be welcomed by Dane and his Assistant Instructors

With over 30 years experience in knife throwing and 12 years as an instructor in both Knife and Axe throwing , Dane is a full Member of ‘The Knife, Axe and Tomahawk Throwing Association UK’ (KATTA). Dane follows National Guidelines ensuring that his Range and his Sessions are run to the highest level of Safety and enjoyment for all his participants and Assistant Instructors.

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