Meeting 10th June

  1. Present
    1. Mark Graham
    2. Mark Rosher
  2. Working Lists
    1. Reviewed facilitator lists and assessed needs for Gate and Site Crew
    2. Reviewed flagged emails and responded where appropriate
  3. Site Communications
    1. Confirmed we have at least six radio handsets using standard batteries
  4. Disability Access
    1. Having received a query about disabled shower access we confirmed with Starcus “Hi Mark, I’d say they’re fairly accessible. They’re just a short distance into the woods. It’s always slightly overgrown when we get there, but we usually clear the way quite quickly. There’s a little dip as you go from field to woods, but it can be made flat with some wood. The trackway can be quite wide, enough for power chairs and scooters. The showers are on ground level, maybe a 4 inch step, which again could be reduced. You wouldn’t be able to take a power chair in, as floor may not be strong enough. The doorway way is wide though. There are no railings to give any support inside. I hope that answers your question.”
    2. Toilets are in the woods and on steps, but one disability portal will be on site throughout with the key held locally or with the appropriate campers. Mark G to order.
  5. Druid Camp choir…
  6. Eisteddfod…
  7. Kids Area
    1. Safeguarding
    2. Mark G confirming members of team.
  8. Insurance.
    1. Event Insurance including Liability Insurance. Mark G.
  9. First Aid.
  10. Fire Control.
    1. Confirm with Starcus about Fire Control. Mark G.

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