How can Druids honour the sacred Earth?

Stuart Jeffery is a Druid and campaigner and Green Party worker. His blog “A Druid’s Voice” seeks to speak out for the land, sea and sky, and in this talk and open discussion he is asking the simple and yet complex question:

How can Druids honour the sacred Earth? How can we be more organised and active in our expression of Druidy?

  • Druidry, to me, is a deep and magic connection with Nature, understanding that we are part of Nature and living in a way that is as much in tune with the needs of Nature as possible.
  • Bardic arts to help express our thoughts, Ovate mysteries help us understand and shape our thoughts and Druidic leadership helps us act in confidence in my reverence of the sacred.
  • Encompassing the three aspects of Druidry in both the protection and celebration of the sacred is vital aspect of what it means to be a Druid.
  • Christians and Muslim (and other faiths) overtly put their beliefs into practice, for example through work with the poor and homeless, yet there is little obvious action done in the name of Druidry or Paganism (except for some notable examples such as The Warriors Call). Should there be more?
  • Our Druid orders tend to be focused on teaching and magic but there is little focus on making statements, campaigning for what is right for Nature and being “active” in general – so should there be?


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