And in the red corner…

Mead wars… well, not wars, not at Druid Camp. But like the bards of old, matching up one against the other… but instead of words, it’s mead. Challenge accepted.

Lots of fun was had during last year’s session, but it was obvious that people were there for just one thing, so this year is going to be a little different!

There will be 2 mead workshops; Jem’s workshop will be educational, interesting and well researched, and mine will be entirely uneducational and spontaneous!

Think teams, think challenges, think competition, think party games, think ‘It’s a knockout’ and mix in a little (OK, a lot) of mead and cider on Friday night and you’ll be getting the idea. Nobody knows what it’ll actually entail, but I can guarantee it’ll be entertaining to participate or watch!!

And in late news, raising the stakes…

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