Someone’s asked the perfectly reasonable question; if we’re not being tented by Rainbow this year, what have we got?

Well, we’re rather well off.

  1. For the main event are we have a 42′ x 45′ canvas marquee.
  2. The cafe is a 40′ x 40′ marquee (open 6:30 am until late) with garden area
  3. The two poler is 24′ x 12′
  4. The one poler is 20′ x 20′
  5. There’s a 22′ lodge for enclosed ritual space
  6. A crafting marquee of about 15′ x 30′
  7. Assorted smaller tents
  8. Woodland composting toilets (woods (safely) candle lit at night)
  9. (Gas Powered) hot showers
  10. A Tented Steam Bath in the Woods
  11. Toddler play area (parental supervision needed at all times)

The central fire is stocked with wood. (Please, no foraging for fuel in the woods and no fires in the woods)

Recycling point for cans, glass and plastic.

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