Archery Workshops

Outdoor Archery with Giles Meakin
We will be doing target archery over the course of the weekend. The activity is weather permitting, as the wind on site can be quite strong which makes it very challenging to keep arrows on target (I’d like to reduce the amount of time spent hunting for arrows in long grass!).Feel free to bring your own gear, though I’d suggest keeping to lighter bows of around 20-30lbs pull as no one wants to be spending their afternoons struggling to pull arrows from targets! Any less than 20lbs, and the arrows will just bounce off the straw butt.  I’ll be providing bows and arrows for those that don’t have their own equipment. I will also be providing the target stand, butt and targets.
Juniors who wish to join the Outdoor Archery will require the permission and/or supervision from their parent, or in loco parentis.  They will also need to demonstrate competency and responsibility in the Junior Indoor Archery.  While we don’t have a hard and fast age limit, it’s important that juniors understand that archery is dangerous when the rules of the range are not respected.    
Junior Indoor Archery
We will be doing Indoor Archery for juniors in the Children’s Tent over the course of the camp, with low poundage bows and LRP Safe Arrows provided.  Format will be much like a tin can alley, where the juniors will be able to learn the basics of archery and the rules of the range, in a fun and competitive environment.  While there is no age limit, juniors have to be strong enough to be able to draw the bows and follow the instructions of the rangemaster, or their assistants.

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