Jos Razzell – Don’t forget your mug!!!

Jos Razzell has been telling stories at Druid Camp since…. well, since it started all those years ago.

She has not once forgotten her mug (OK, well, maybe occasionally….) And once upon a time she was lucky enough to learn about storytelling from Vayu Nadu, a gifted healing storyteller from India. She has been using and passing on what she learned there ever since. running storytelling skills workshops for adults, children, and more recently for corporate leaders to help them inspire and engage the people they work with.

A long-term member of Charnwood Grove, Jos tells stories as part of ceremony as well as to entertain the crowds at Grove public events. Weaving in music and song, we can use our voices and innate creativity as an offering to Spirit, as well as to play our part in drawing out the everyday magic of the world that Druids connect with and love. Storytelling is easy when you speak from the heart – come and find out for yourself!’

Don’t forget your mug!!!

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