Z Z Birmingham

Arthur ‘Z.Z.Birmingham” Billington, bluesman & Honorary Bard of OBOD, veteran of festivals & camps all over Europe, is well known to Druid Camp regulars for his versatility, warmth & willingness to provide music at the barest hint of an opportunity.

To an authentic guitar & harmonica style honed in a lifetime’s study of the blues he now adds a fund of seasonal & bardic songs drawn from thirty years’ practice of druidry.

As well as providing informal entertainment as required around the Camp, he is joined for the Saturday Night gig by the formidable talents of

  • Milton Bluesman – alto & clarinet
  • Les Miles – djembe &
  • Alan ‘the Bullfrog’ Hudson – djembe & cajon, whose contribution to last year’s Camp will be remembered.

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druid (for a given value of druid), retired electrical engineer, parish councillor and chairman, fair weather biker, olde fart with opinions, prog folk rocker, owner of instruments, known to drink decent beer and better whisky. All comments in a personal capacity. May contain cnuts.

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