JJ Middleway – The Power of Song

A Druidic look at the power and value of song.

Why are words like ‘Incantation’ and ‘Enchantment’ linked to both song and magic? The connection between the current neglect of the earth and largely forgotten ‘Songlines’.

Stories and myth as pointers to the underlying value of song.

How we might co-create a reflowering of the Land.

This workshop will be a mixture of reflections and personal experience, interspersed with chants and songs helping to illustrate what is being talked about.

Participants are welcome to join in the song, or simply sit and enjoy hearing and being bathed in sound.

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druid (for a given value of druid), retired electrical engineer, parish councillor and chairman, fair weather biker, olde fart with opinions, prog folk rocker, owner of instruments, known to drink decent beer and better whisky. All comments in a personal capacity. May contain cnuts.

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