Meeting 5th August

Final pre-Camp planning meeting

5th August 2018

  • Risk Assessments to be completed this week to cover eg Fire Control and Evacuation, Vehicle Movements, First Responder and First Aid, Hygiene and Cleanliness, Safeguarding, Slips, Trips and Falls, Inclusion.
  • Toilets have been ordered. Over and above the woodland compost toilets we will have one portaloo and one disabled reserved portaloo on site from Wednesday. Solar lamps for toilets.
  • Insurance obtained and certificate can be uploaded to web site. Limitation prevents sharp projectiles which impacts on Archery and axe and knife workshops. Facilitators to be contacted to discuss possibilities such as practice arrows.
  • Bunting to be obtained and laid out to alert camp arrivals of the entrance. Bamboo canes with yellow tennis balls on to demarcate safe vehicle routes etc.
  • Schedule to be updated to show 2pm Wed facilitators meeting, wed evening Camp Virgins talk, and Dairmid’s circle dances. Ray drum circle.
  • Day tickets – in fact 24 hour tickets – to be available on the gate at £50 per ticket.
  • Cash ticket – Adult £150, all other tickets as online price.

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