Post- Camp AGM

Post-camp AGM, Sunday 19th August 2018ce  Draft Minutes 

  • Attending
    • Mark Graham (DCA Committee Chair)
    • Mark Rosher (DCA Secretary)
    • Jennifer Horsefall (DCA Committee)
    • Esther Hickey (DCA Treasurer)
    • Jason
    • Ann
    • Tony
    • Jay
    • Dawn
    • Jos
    • Chris (Mouse)
  • Chairman’s Report
    • Mark Graham thanked those attending for their presence and positive input into the Camp. He reported that Druid Camp had gone well and that feed back was largely positive with some comments to be referred to later in the meeting. He recounted the reasons behind the formation of the Druid Camp Association, and stated that having settled accounts with performers, speakers and the site owner, there should be sufficient to repay the validated persons who had bought tickets via PayPal under the failed Rainbow scheme, as well as leaving a small float for the next Camp.
  • Treasurers Preliminary Report
    • Esther Hickey echoed the words of the Chairman and stated that full accounts would be published as required in the Constitution, and published on the DCA web site.
  • Post Camp review and Actions for the next Camp
    • Esther noted that the Constitution though robust was lacking content as to the recent GDPR and also on other matters such as membership duration and an accurate listing of the Committee. She took an action to produce a version 2 Constitution which would be circulated to Committee members and on agreement published to the DCA web site.
    • It was noted that the First Aid kit had been opened and used, and Mark took an action to obtain a new First Aid kit for the next Camp.
    • One near miss took place in the cafeteria when a nut allergy reaction was provoked. A separate Near Miss process is dealing with this along with actions to prevent a reoccurrence. Lead on this is Mark Graham and Starcus Baal.
    • Written feedback from the gate book and from online sources will be collated by Bish and presented in anonymised format for consideration in the planning of the next Camp.
    • Discussion took place regarding dogs on site. Druid Camp has always been a dog-free (excepting trained assistance dogs) environment but Starcus allows dogs within his operations. The Committee agreed that while DCA was hiring the facility dogs should be restricted to non-Camp areas, whilst assistance dogs should be authenticated by doctors letter, readily identified and remain on lead at all times.
    • There were complaints about the toilets. In the main this was due to the hired portaloos being filled, and particularly the disabled toilet being made unusable by non-disabled people using it to capacity. The disabled toilet was left unlocked with everyone at each morning meeting being informed it was reserved for mobility constrained persons only. However, it appears it was inappropriately used and a combination lock or similar should be applied next Camp.
    • The composting toilets were not to everyone’s satisfaction and there were insufficient sit down stalls. Straw bales should be obtained for next Camp, as male urinals. This would prevent overloading of the compost pit with urine. More stalls should have sit-down facilities. Doors should close more fully. Explanatory signage should be fitted to composting toilets. mark to liaise with Starcus.
    • Nudity issues were discussed, with concerns from some about open nudity and the impact on teenagers and children etc. Discussions ensued as to a practical and reasonable policy for the next Camp, with agreement that nudity should be restricted to individual camping areas with the consent of neighbouring campers, and no nudity below the belt in the more public areas particularly the main marquee area and main flag circle ritual area.
    • Access to the showers was discussed in terms of access for teenagers only at particular times, single gender shower times, and more areas for changing out of public view.
    • An opportunity had arisen and has been taken to purchase a trailer and tent for DCA, that will be used to transport Camp equipment. The trailer and tent will be held for DCA by Esther.
    • It was discussed and agreed that semi-autonomous roles should be established for the four key Camp areas; Healing, Children, Crafts and Gate. These key facilitators, identified in the following years Camp planning process, would determine how many people they needed for their areas, and advise Committee who would release sufficient tickets to them for individual assignment.
  • Meeting ended.

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