Ticket Prices Unchanged!

We are very happy to tell you that we have decided not to increase ticket prices from last year’s. The Druid Camp Association is not a for-profit organisation and is solely concerned with keeping the annual Druid Camp viable, exciting and fun.

The lists of performers and speakers, workshop facilitators and site team are being compiled. At this time I’m very pleased to note we have two fantastic bands for you – Dragonsfly and Here&Now.

The ticket page is live and is being tested. If you use it now you will be transported through a PayPal secure portal (I know, this site might say it is not secure because the SSL is not implemented yet, but all monetary transactions are carried out securely at PayPal)

You will receive an email from PayPal “Receipt for your payment to Druid Camp” and this is your ticket. We are entirely paper free and your ticket purchases will automatically be added to the List which is used at the Gate. If you do not receive this email almost immediately, please contact team@druidcamp.org.uk

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