2019 – such busy times

We are well into the year now and we’ve not had a face to face meeting of the Druid Camp Association! Life is full, times are mad, and there’s so much to do.

However, behind the glowing light of the computer screen and across the text messages and mobile phone calls, strange and ethereal beings are probing the multiverse and pulling from the creative pool of Awen. No, really, we are ethereal.

The theme is set. The site is secured. Bands are booked. Tickets are even now being sold. Eager Druids and speakers of eloquence are offering their inspiration and being added to lists and schedules. We’re all rocking the returning light and the burst of green spring! We now need to

  • Pull all the risk assessments together
  • Ensure accessible toilets booked and managed better than last year
  • Prepare a FAQ sheet for distribution on arrival

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druid (for a given value of druid), retired electrical engineer, parish councillor and chairman, fair weather biker, olde fart with opinions, prog folk rocker, owner of instruments, known to drink decent beer and better whisky. All comments in a personal capacity. May contain cnuts.

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