Druidry in Times of Crisis

Druidry in Times of Crisis

The theme for this year’s Druid Camp, as the title suggests, reflects the chaotic period through which we are living. So much of what went before has built the foundation for this moment, and maybe some of the things to come cannot be avoided, and we must learn to surf the tsunami… but there is still beauty, and nothing is born without struggle.

Neil: I won’t say anything ’cause no one ever listens to me, anyway. I might as well be a Leonard Cohen album.

These are times when digging your head into the sand might be seen as appropriate. Times when hedonistic partying into the cataclysm could be argued as rational reaction. In these times, extreme and polarising opinions garner momentum, and take centre ground. And those who feel the interconnectedness of all things feel pain and struggle to find sense in a world in crisis.

The theme is huge!

Resource depletion, population explosion, biodiversity loss, political madness. How can we make the differences that may mitigate the impact we are having on our planet, in our country, in our community… in our heart. How to help, when to oppose, where best to be active.

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So many of us wear our emotions externally, and take harm when the absurdity of our overwhelmingly selfish society impacts our own well being. How do we look after ourselves. How do we manage to remain a loving functional human being when all around is hurting. How do we look to our gods with confidence that we are living the ethics we swore to them.

As Druids, how do we act in honour. How do we speak out, and when and how and why. Where do we find creativity and the simple joy of being in the world – in the now.

And, in a global civilisation that seems set on self destruction, on ecocide and extinction, how do we have a good time and look forward to tomorrow!!! Because life continues, life adapts and love grows.

Well, we’re going to address as much of that as we can. With fun, and with music, and with dance and with community. The theme is serious; the fun is even more essential. Come with us, be in the centre of a wooded field and explore the power of positive and determined Druidry.

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