The Sauna Returns!

We know that many of you missed the sauna last year. Well it’s back.

The sauna is constructed from a horse box, internally clad with timber and heated with a woodturner itself made from an old gas bottle. Sounds a bit naff? Not a bit.

It’s roomy, and clean, and smoke free. It’s also hot and suitable for any number form one to… oh, I don’t know, a dozen? There’s a cold water shower outside for pre-sauna cleanliness and post-sauna shock.

There are few rules, but those are quite serious ones and we have never had reason to enforce them – because you’re all so lovely.

Dress is optional. Respect is expected.

We generally make time during the middle of the day for our younger folk to get together in the sauna. They like some private space and we’re happy. Please, older folk, don’t visit the sauna during those times. Which will be advertised.

In the evenings there is opportunity to participate in such intimate events as Sauna Choir, Sauna Chanting and Sauna Social. Times will be advised on site and in morning meetings.

And as long term campers will know, we rely on nominated volunteers to feed the sauna fire so you don’t have to. Please respect that and don’t add wood or stoke the flames. If there’s a problem, contact the Gate.

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