Kael Firebow

Bow Drill Workshop With Kael


Kael invites you to join in with the ancient, ancestral skill that is
fire by friction. With wood, stone and a bow we shall journey with the
elements and make our own fires. This primordial method of making fire
runs deep within all of us and is part of our shared heritage.

With ever increasing technological meditation between us and our experiences, this workshop offers the chance to strip things back to basics and have a lot of fun. It’s truly empowering to turn to Mother Earth in order to meet our needs. Fire by friction is a skill that takes steps in that very direction, the direction of reconnecting and rewilding. 

Kael is a member of The Druid Network and teaches fire by friction and
other bushcraft related skills in Dorset and will be running bowdrill workshops over the festival. 

Contact him at Krispykale@riseup.net

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