A Council of All Beings

An exciting opportunity for deep exploration! The text below may change as the project is firmed up, but in general this is certainly something to consider investing time in.

Council of All Beings

Facilitated by Kate Dineen and her team https://www.katedineen.com/

A two day ritual with space for attending other workshops as well. An experiential journey to uncover how we feel about our earth, how to connect with her beings (all creatures, plants, stones, elements) and to bring back any wisdom to share with the humans.

Day 1 : Morning session (2 hours long depending on timetable)             

Time to pause, to gather in circle, to meet and express our grief at what is happening right now on mother earth. Invitation to let this sit with us while engaging with lunch/other activities/rest.

Day 1 : Late afternoon session (2 hours long )            

Gather and share what needs to be shared. Drum journey to meet the being who wants to speak through us. Invitation to ‘sleep on it’ and see what comes through.

Day 2 : Morning session (2 hours long)           

Gather and share how we all are in circle, identify the being who wants to speak through us. Drum. Find materials to make a mask to depict the being. Invitation to spend time with the being, allow information to come through while engaging with lunch/other activities/rest.

Day 2 : Late afternoon session – gather with whole camp?           

All beings put on masks and gather in circle and share wisdom, messages from the council to be shared with humankind.

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