Talis Kimberley


Talis is a songwriter with a passion for words. Her songs tell tales of history and literature, knitting and baking, where we have been, and where we are going. Her diverse, quirky, compelling and occasionally downright silly songs chart Talis’s engagement with climate change and resource depletion, telling stories from both the global stage and the kitchen garden.

In recent years Talis has been moved to write songs about the land, sheep and farming (her family own some sheep in a no-kill flock), handling death, and interfaith issues (she spent this Midsummer singing in the church at Avebury – at the vicar’s invitation). Currently her music is an offering of kindness and peace in a world made cruel and uncertain.

Her patchwork pagan faith with a druidish core informs all she writes. She’s working on a follow-up to her mini-albums ‘Cloth of Gold – Songs of Sheep and Farming’ and ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’s Knitting – Songs of Spinning and Yarncraft’. It’s to be called ‘Kissing Roses – Songs of Solace and Radical Compassion’. Talis is an energetic performer who delights in taking her audience places and bringing them back, changed.

A storyteller to her bones, Talis’s songs will challenge you, entertain you, and take root in your heart.

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druid (for a given value of druid), retired electrical engineer, parish councillor and chairman, fair weather biker, olde fart with opinions, prog folk rocker, owner of instruments, known to drink decent beer and better whisky. All comments in a personal capacity. May contain cnuts.

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