Gordon Maclellan


Photo credit: c/o The Woodland Trust and Laurence Crossman-Emms

Gordon has been a lively and often disturbing member of the pagan community for more years than most people care to remember. One of the founder members of Paganlink and Hoblink, the first LGBTQ pagan network, he is an animist shaman who works to celebrate the relationships between people, places and wildlife

With a background in zoology, education and activism, now he is a full-time artist and storyteller, working with groups, schools and the general public all over the country

In his session at Druid Camp, Gordon will talk about his work on the interface between animistic consciousness and the wider public, on exploring a sense of place and belonging and invite us all to consider what it is that we as people who work with nature-based faiths can bring to the current debates and actions around our changing relationship with the world around us

For more information, visit Gordon’s blog: creepingtoad.blogspot.com

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