Druid Camp 2020 cancelled

All tickets will be refunded.

These are extraordinary times, and despite everything we were still working towards a functional camp this year, when sadly but understandably, the landowner declared his site closed. There will be no camp this year. Those who have already bought tickets will get a full refund.

We are obviously disappointed, as we know you are too. We are sad for our fantastic community and our bands and performers, worshippers and facilitators. We will manage financially, but clearly there will be costs to be born.

The most important thing though is that we are all safe, us and hopefully you, and we can look forward to 2021. We most certainly intend to hold a Druid Camp next summer. This would have been out twenty first consecutive Druid Camp, but now it will be “the legendary year camp didn’t happen”!

As you know, the whole Druid Camp from start to finish is run by volunteers as a non-profit association. As we are volunteers, as well as volunteers who are still isolating and or socially distancing, we will deal with your enquiries as and when we can.

You can contact us at team@druidcamp.org.uk

Be safe. Stay groovy. Live your Druidry with Honour.

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