there will be no Druid Camp 2021

We are sorry to tell you there will be no Druid Camp 2021.

As the UK moves towards a slow relaxation of lockdown restrictions, the team at Druid Camp has been considering if and when it might be capable of offering a safe Druid Camp in 2021. As we looked at various possibilities we watched the rise of new infection surges sweeping across Europe and also new local rises in Britain; probably related to the returning schools. It was imperative we only move ahead with a safe and covid-secure camp, with even higher hygiene regimes commensurate with the threat of infection. We considered that most of our attendees would not have had their second vaccine and some would inevitably have refused the vaccine altogether. We could not be sure that any camp would remain safe from an outbreak that could become a camp wide contagion. In the end, it proved untenable to progress plans for 2021.

We sacrificed our camp for a safer world, last year. We must do so again.

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