No Druid Camp 2022?

The past two years have been challenging. Covid appears now to be less serious but has left many of us with underlying issues of long term illness, energy depletion and employment insecurity. Most of all, as we pull ourselves together, we find it has left us without a viable venue for a camp this year. Putting on Druid Camp requires a significant infrastructure; a safe and serviced site complete with marquees, toilets, showers and cafe. Into that space we bring magical people, bands and ritual to create Druid Camp, but we need that venue. We’ve spent months looking for a safe and affordable venue, but we have come to accept it is not to be. The Druid Camp Association regrets to confirm, unless opportunity presents very soon, there will be no Druid Camp 2022.

Published by bish

druid (for a given value of druid), retired electrical engineer, parish councillor and chairman, fair weather biker, olde fart with opinions, prog folk rocker, owner of instruments, known to drink decent beer and better whisky. All comments in a personal capacity. May contain cnuts.

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