This year, there is a change in the way Druid Camp is being developed. Mark Graham is taking a stronger hand in the magic and ritual of Camp, setting the theme and the major shape of it. Others, generally long standing Druid Campers, are taking charge of the camp site set-up, so that Mark doesn’tContinue reading “Meetings”


“Stylish Passionate Folk Rock” – R2, “Outstanding and Evocative” – FATEA, FolkLaw’s music will get your feet tapping and your mind thinking. Inspired by 10 years on the road in Europe and North America, FolkLaw’s songs are a commentary on life, with earthy lyrics and vocals accompanied by Celtic fiddle and distinctive vocal harmonies. DescribedContinue reading “FolkLaw”

Theme agreed

The theme for the 2020 Druid Camp is Wisdom of the Elders. It reflects the time taken in training as a Druid (twenty years) as well as our coming of age year (twenty one). Lots of twenties… We will be making more information available once final discussions with key speakers and performers have been completed.

DC2020 meeting

Just a quick note to recognise the meeting of 13th November, where we began in earnest to prepare for the 2020 Camp. Meeting online using Whereby videoconferencing. In attendance: Jos Razzell, Mark Rosher, Mouse, Richard Blackett, Esther Hickey, Jules Meeting notes and actions all online in the secure Druid Camp Dropbox. Current state of play.Continue reading “DC2020 meeting”