Druid Camp ’23 Planning Mtg 2

Held on 22nd January via Zoom

Matters discussed:

  • Pembroke site confirmed, and dates confirmed. Site 2 turned out not to be available anyway.
  • Fires, allowable. DIsabled toilets and other DDA matters, available
  • Dogs.
  • Subscription model and tiers of membership
  • Financial reserves
  • Performers, speakers
  • Facilitators and gifted workshops
  • Kids area
  • Date of next meeting 29th January at 20:00 via Zoom

Druid Camp ’23 Planning Mtg 1

The first meeting of 2023 was held, via Zoom, to discuss a potential camp in Pembrokeshire in late July.


  • Rollcall and any apologies
  • Review of Druid Camp 2019
  • Options for 2023 venue and date
    • Pembroke, decision? vs site 2
      • Catering
      • Fires on site
      • DDA Compliance
      • Public Transport
      • costings
      • Facilitators
      • Performers and primary speakers
  • Next Meeting (Zoom) 22nd January at 19:30

No Druid Camp 2022?

The past two years have been challenging. Covid appears now to be less serious but has left many of us with underlying issues of long term illness, energy depletion and employment insecurity. Most of all, as we pull ourselves together, we find it has left us without a viable venue for a camp this year. Putting on Druid Camp requires a significant infrastructure; a safe and serviced site complete with marquees, toilets, showers and cafe. Into that space we bring magical people, bands and ritual to create Druid Camp, but we need that venue. We’ve spent months looking for a safe and affordable venue, but we have come to accept it is not to be. The Druid Camp Association regrets to confirm, unless opportunity presents very soon, there will be no Druid Camp 2022.

Cool New Home!

Nothing stays the same, whether it be Druidry or web sites. We don’t – at least not very often – still carry out the human sacrifices reportedly done by the ancient Druids. Things change, customs change, and now… the web address of your favourite Druid Camp has changed.

druid dot camp

How simple is that?

The old site will remain for now, but all the new content and alerts for upcoming camps will be here. Please change your bookmarks now, and follow this site to get updates. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the ethos of the camp and the team behind it. Druid Camp 2022 is very much on our mind, after a two year covid inspired hiatus.

As we move toward Samhain 2021, have a moment to recall all the goodness of a gathering in a field; where some of the finest expressions of independent Druidry in the twenty first century is encapsulated in the Awen flowing through Druid Camp.

there will be no Druid Camp 2021

We are sorry to tell you there will be no Druid Camp 2021.

As the UK moves towards a slow relaxation of lockdown restrictions, the team at Druid Camp has been considering if and when it might be capable of offering a safe Druid Camp in 2021. As we looked at various possibilities we watched the rise of new infection surges sweeping across Europe and also new local rises in Britain; probably related to the returning schools. It was imperative we only move ahead with a safe and covid-secure camp, with even higher hygiene regimes commensurate with the threat of infection. We considered that most of our attendees would not have had their second vaccine and some would inevitably have refused the vaccine altogether. We could not be sure that any camp would remain safe from an outbreak that could become a camp wide contagion. In the end, it proved untenable to progress plans for 2021.

We sacrificed our camp for a safer world, last year. We must do so again.

Samhain 2020

As we approach a Samhain filled with concern about staying clear of people, it’s worth pondering on the many times our ancestors lived with anxiety.

Whether it was the obvious and terrifying threat of war, invasion and fighting, or the silent and invisible threat of plague and infection, the community held together.

In these Covid chaotic times, we remember our ancestors; those who are no longer in the apparent world. It may be we have conflicting emotions about them, but they brought us to this world, and in this world we seek our Awen. And our community holds together.

No camp this year, and who knows what next. But we are Druid Camp, each of us. Be blessed and deeply appreciated. Know that we honour each other.

Druid Camp 2020 cancelled

All tickets will be refunded.

These are extraordinary times, and despite everything we were still working towards a functional camp this year, when sadly but understandably, the landowner declared his site closed. There will be no camp this year. Those who have already bought tickets will get a full refund.

We are obviously disappointed, as we know you are too. We are sad for our fantastic community and our bands and performers, worshippers and facilitators. We will manage financially, but clearly there will be costs to be born.

The most important thing though is that we are all safe, us and hopefully you, and we can look forward to 2021. We most certainly intend to hold a Druid Camp next summer. This would have been out twenty first consecutive Druid Camp, but now it will be “the legendary year camp didn’t happen”!

As you know, the whole Druid Camp from start to finish is run by volunteers as a non-profit association. As we are volunteers, as well as volunteers who are still isolating and or socially distancing, we will deal with your enquiries as and when we can.

You can contact us at team@druidcamp.org.uk

Be safe. Stay groovy. Live your Druidry with Honour.

New Facebook page

Druid Camp now has a Page on Facebook!


The way Facebook operates changes over time and this now seems the way for us to publicise Camp in this place.

News updates will appear, linking to the actual web site posts.

It gives us a chance to keep all the news relevant and focus on those attending Camp each year.See you there…