Shamanic Fire with Martyn West-Wright

Bush craft is the study of wilderness survival. We have it today largely because of the early Christian Missionaries and their anthropological studies of ancient Pagan tribal peoples from around the world, as they tried to convert them to Christianity. Whilst doing this they made many documentaries about how their bush craft was not just about how toContinue reading “Shamanic Fire with Martyn West-Wright”

Graham Butcher – Creatures of Norse Mythology

Giant wolves, world encircling wyrms, resurected goats, ravens of the mind and other strange creatures… Discover the wyrd and wonderful creatures of Norse Mythology Graham Butcher will take you on an exploration of the animals who accompany, feed, serve, carry, battle with, and occasionally eat, the Aesir and Vanir. We will also see if weContinue reading “Graham Butcher – Creatures of Norse Mythology”

Gordon “the Toad” MacLellan

Gordon MacLennan, “the Toad”, will be speaking on Friday evening. His subject, in keeping with this year’s theme of ‘animal spirit’ is called “Fur, Feather and Places: meeting the animal people of historic landscapes”. Drawing on recent work with Buxton Museum and ongoing inspirations from Orkney, Gordon will take us on a poetic and storyContinue reading “Gordon “the Toad” MacLellan”

Philip Shallcrass (Greywolf of the BDO)

The Re-Wilding of Druidry In 1990, most people’s idea of Druids was of groups of people (mostly men) standing around in stone circles wearing pristine white robes and performing staid and scripted ceremonies. They were seen as patriarchal, monotheistic sun-worshippers and deemed incomplete if they didn’t have a beard. Since then, the idea of DruidsContinue reading “Philip Shallcrass (Greywolf of the BDO)”