Spiritual Activism and the Divine Feminine with Gillian Kavanagh

I would like to offer a talk on Spiritual Activism and the rise of the Divine Feminine. As a member of OBOD & the British Druid Order, Warriors Call (Pagans against fracking) A Nana of Lancashire, and Anti Fracker activist, Spiritual Warrior, I would like to share with others how we can put our spiritualityContinue reading “Spiritual Activism and the Divine Feminine with Gillian Kavanagh”

Z Z Birmingham

Arthur ‘Z.Z.Birmingham” Billington, bluesman & Honorary Bard of OBOD, veteran of festivals & camps all over Europe, is well known to Druid Camp regulars for his versatility, warmth & willingness to provide music at the barest hint of an opportunity. To an authentic guitar & harmonica style honed in a lifetime’s study of the bluesContinue reading “Z Z Birmingham”

Archery Workshops

Outdoor Archery with Giles Meakin We will be doing target archery over the course of the weekend. The activity is weather permitting, as the wind on site can be quite strong which makes it very challenging to keep arrows on target (I’d like to reduce the amount of time spent hunting for arrows in long grass!).FeelContinue reading “Archery Workshops”