Susan Marie Paramor

“drum and voice workshop” The Magick of Songs of the land. Susan Marie Paramor will explore through song drum, rattle, tambourine, the legends and myths of the land. Open to all ages. The band Car Dia will be playing on Friday evening before DragonsFly. Duelling Dragons. Written by Sean Rice“Tales of Magic and Mystery” AContinue reading “Susan Marie Paramor”

Car Dia

Car Dia writes about Standing stones Gods and Goddesses ancient trees she brings with her band a magical mixture of woven stories in song. The audience are encouraged to sing and bring their drums to the performance, which will be on Friday evening before Dragonsfly. Before performances a drum and voice workshop brings the participantsContinue reading “Car Dia”

Sea Essences

Julie Bowman will be at Druid camp this year with her Sea Essences, and will be running a workshop (or two) about essences with a focus on how they can help stop life’s crises from affecting us so fundamentally. Come along to the workshops and gain a deeper insight. These exploratory, experiential workshops will be focussing on vibrational essences that have been created in aContinue reading “Sea Essences”

Gordon Maclellan

GORDON MACLELLAN, Creeping Toad Gordon has been a lively and often disturbing member of the pagan community for more years than most people care to remember. One of the founder members of Paganlink and Hoblink, the first LGBTQ pagan network, he is an animist shaman who works to celebrate the relationships between people, places andContinue reading “Gordon Maclellan”

Kristoffer Hughes

Laudanum, Lunacy & The Druid Who Burnt Jesus. In times of deep crisis our Druid forefathers stood up against adversity, oppression and refused to toe the line of conformity and political agendas. The ripples of their actions can be felt today, in this, our time of crisis. But, every generation faces its own unique setContinue reading “Kristoffer Hughes”

Talis Kimberley

Talis is a songwriter with a passion for words. Her songs tell tales of history and literature, knitting and baking, where we have been, and where we are going. Her diverse, quirky, compelling and occasionally downright silly songs chart Talis’s engagement with climate change and resource depletion, telling stories from both the global stage andContinue reading “Talis Kimberley”