Kael Firebow

Bow Drill Workshop With Kael Kael invites you to join in with the ancient, ancestral skill that isfire by friction. With wood, stone and a bow we shall journey with theelements and make our own fires. This primordial method of making fireruns deep within all of us and is part of our shared heritage. WithContinue reading “Kael Firebow”

Z Z Birmingham

Arthur ‘Z.Z.Birmingham” Billington. Bluesman & Honorary Bard of OBOD, veteran of festivals & camps all over Europe, is well known to Druid Camp regulars for his versatility, warmth & willingness to provide music at the barest hint of an opportunity. To an authentic guitar & harmonica style honed in a lifetime’s study of the bluesContinue reading “Z Z Birmingham”

Penny Billington

The madness of Merlin with Penny Billington In times of crisis, what sustains us? The figure of Merlin could be a rich and textured resource for modern Pagans; but not if we’ve limited our understanding to make of him a stereotype rather than archetype. What do our sources tell us about the nuanced nature of thisContinue reading “Penny Billington”

Healing Area

Camp regular Mouse Maskens will be heading a team of professional qualified and insured healers, providing a variety of treatments. All treatments are subject to availability for a nominal fee and quickly snapped up. People wishing to take advantage are generally invited to “list up” after each morning meeting.