Explore your Animal Spirit at Druid Camp 2017

Welcome to the web site for Druid Camp 2017.

The theme for this year’s Camp is ANIMAL SPIRIT and we will be exploring the shamanic connections we share with this landscape amongst the non human world. At the same time we will be celebrating life, digging ever deeper into what modern Druidry means and how it is informed by the ever changing tradition it has grown from. Share in workshops, presentations and performances, on a hill under wide skies, and surrounded by the sacred River Severn.

In this virtual space we offer as much information as we can about the Camp, our ethos, our facilities and our programme of events. As with anything Druid, there will be “stuff”… things may happen to change running orders or it might even hail from a blue summer sky – it’s happened before!!! We will do our best to keep you posted, here and just as importantly on our Facebook page.

Druid Camp runs from Wednesday to Sunday.

The format has some coherence year on year, and we always begin Camp with a welcoming ritual in the afternoon; making our call to the land we are camped on, to the spirits of this place, and to our ancestors of blood and tradition. It’s a call of friendship, of peace and of companionship. Equally important, we close Camp with a mid-day ritual on the Sunday, thanking the landscape and those with whom we shared it for their hospitality and relationship.

Early on, for those who are new to this magical experience, there is the Camp Virgins talk…

The presentations and workshops that take place each year are second to none, and we have world renown teachers and Druids of immense and articulate knowledge, and Crafters and Artisans at the peak of their skills. We also have those who are still learning, and who share their journey of discovery with us, revealing a never-ending voyage of learning in the Druid traditions.

The catering on site is excellent. Whether it’s the wonderful vegetarian meals, the hot cocoa, the stuff you can get in the cocoa, or simply the proper filter coffee and tea, it’s pretty good for a field kitchen! The staff are friendly and the prices remarkably reasonable. You can of course cook in your camp circles, but you can equally arrive here and live very well all week on cafe provisions.

We all love a good time, and the Friday and Saturday night shows are vibrant and bouncy, with well known bands and performers and lively dance spaces. Saturday too offers an open market, where those of us who make things are able to lay out their wares for sale, and in the afternoon the Camp Ritual, based around the over-arcing theme of the Camp, takes place and (nearly) everyone takes part.

There’s no getting away from the fact that we are in a field… No matter if you arrive with a tent, a teepee or a caravan, it’s still a camping field. There are the fantastic long drop and compost toilets, which if you’ve not encountered them before aren’t as scary as they sound! And there is “water world”, which is a wood fired hot shower and sauna heaven. You don’t even need to touch the boilers – it’s all done for you.

We get a lot of families at Druid Camp, and it’s a whole family Camp. No question, they are your children not ours, and we do not offer a creche. Nevertheless, we have trained and responsible youth workers on site who will give your kids a great time, with activities and craft workshops and, of course, late night story time (don’t forget your mug!)

For those who aren’t as mobile as the rest, while it is still a green and not always level field there are provisions for those who need them. We have a “disabled only” portaloo close by a mostly level part of the field where you can set up camp not far from the main marquees, and we’re open to working with you to make Camp as easy as possible. Not everything can be done all the time, but we’ll try.

Oh, and we appear to have hit eighteen and become “all grow’d up!