A potted history of Druid Camp

Mark Graham and Emma Restall Orr at Druid Camp 2012, by G. HarveyRunning over four to five days every summer, the Camp was first held in July 2000. It was founded by Emma Restall Orr of the British Druid Order and The Druid Network and Mark Graham of The Charnwood Grove and is now run by The Druid Camp Association, chaired by Mark.

The aim of The Druid Camp is to hold an annual gathering for Druids and those interested in Druidry; to celebrate and develop the community of modern Druidry. This is reflected in the Constitution of the Association.

Everyone is welcome! There are Druids and those studying the tradition through many different Orders, teachers and strands of Druidry. There are people who follow other nature-based spiritualities and philosophies. There are those simply interested or curious who are seeking a community or gathering of like-minded souls.

In twenty years of Druid Camp we’ve seen people meet, and marry. We’ve seen new babies born into the community and we’ve marked the passing of long time Camp folk. The Community is the thing.

Over the years, Druid Camp has found a home in the lovely countryside of the Forest of Dean, on the border of England and Wales. Initially in a lovely hollow surrounded by hills, mistletoe’d oaks and a cooling stream, it moved to a hill-top encircled by the sacred river Severn on three sides, with wide skies above us. And for 2018 we moved again, into a woodland glade to the north of the sinuous loop Sabrina makes around Arlingham.

The current camp site is very well provided for by Starcus, who operates the site throughout the summer months, running other camps from the same site. This lets us concentrate on the Druid part of the deal, while the site crew make the Camp part shine.