Druidry in Times of Crisis!

It's all over until next year!
A few days of bliss and awen in the Severn Vale

Wednesday 7th to Sunday 11th August near Flaxley, Westbury on Severn.



Druidry in Times of Crisis! That’s the camp theme this year. It’s never been more true and it’s never been more important to address. Druids are reputed to have walked between warring armies, have been the advisors of law and lore, and have written with such beauty of our wonderful lands. How are we to deal with the issues of today’s planet? Not at all like doom and gloom merchants, but with joy in the task and song in the heart and the power of the Awen glowing from our spirit. How do we heal ourselves, hold each other, be the light in the dark places and the darkness that births the new light, when all the troubles of the world oppress us? Come and help us find out. With strong hearts and a commitment to finding joy in everything, and community in a small field by the sacred river Severn.

Here and Now : Dragonsfly : Mad Magdalen : Car Dia : Penny Billington : Kristoffer Hughes : Gordon the Toad : Talis Kimberely : Arthur Z Z Birmingham :Graham Butcher : Nimue Brown : Rafe Nauen : Julie Bowman : Jane Augsburger from Extinction Rebellion : Brochfael :Wayne Danewood : Susan Marie Paramor : Healing Area : Walks with hawks : Firebow with Kael : Daily Stav and Yoga sessions : Kids Area including the Climbing Frame : Great Veggie Cafe : Hot Showers : The Sauna is back! : Sweat Lodge : Circle Dance : more being confirmed every day…

As ever, The Druid Camp Association operates through a totally transparent process and you can see the details emerge as we work together in the background, by referring to the top menu. And if you need to, you can email us at team@druidcamp.org.uk

Much love and blessings of peace in these chaotic times.