Druid Camp : 2023

The break in camps due to covid-19 has allowed the Association to review how it will operate into the future. The changes that have come from this review are not large but do clarify matters which have been less clear in previous years. Please do read the notes that follow.

Attendance at Druid Camp is a benefit of membership of the Druid Camp Association. Membership is by subscription and lasts for one year, but can be renewed thereafter. The subscription cost is tiered by age, as shown below.

Adults (over 19 years of age) = £150

Accompanied Teenagers (13 to 17) and
Young Adults (18 and 19 years of age) = £50

Accompanied Children (5 – 12 years of age) = £30

Accompanied Children under five = no charge

Dogs are not allowed on site with the sole exception of authenticated assist dogs. This is because of livestock on neighbouring fields and the risks of infection from dog mess and is a part of the restrictions on the site. Any (highly improbable) exceptions to this rule will be through individual negotiation with the land owner.

We have agreed permission with the site owner to allow raised fire bowls on site as well as the community fires. We cannot allow surface fires, which damage the grass and the soil beneath. If you intend to have a camp circle fire, please ensure you bring a raised fire bowl with you.

Vehicle camping is permitted, but all cars should be parked in the appropriate parking area unless there is a valid need such as medical storage.

Although we will not be issuing partial (or weekend) memberships, a limited number of cash sales will be available on the gate from Friday evening. It is assumed however that all members will wish to attend the whole camp.

Subscriptions will be available shortly.

An opt-in email distribution is available, to stay in touch with Druid Camp Association. You may access it here.