At Druid Camp This Year!

On this page are some of the details of some of the highlights of some of the week. We’ll keep updating it, but you know there’s always a lot more than we ever put on the website! Incomplete and under continual revision.

Professor Ronald Hutton

Ronald Hutton is an English historian who specialises in Early Modern Britain, British folklore, pre-Christian religion and Contemporary Paganism. He is a professor at the University of Bristol, has written 14 books and has appeared on British television and radio. He held a fellowship at Magdalen College, Oxford, and is a Commissioner of English Heritage. But I expect you knew that.

Seize the Day

A fantastic return to Druid Camp for these wonderful, anarchic, freedom fighting songsters! Guaranteed to make to laugh, smile, dance, and sometimes cry with the emotional way in which they express their love of Land, life and liberty. Born of the road protests of the mid nineties, they have moved along with the times to enthuse a new generation to act in harmony with the planet.


Druid Camp 2019

Always well supported and excellent entertainment and inspiration, we will again host an eisteddfod tailored for both our adult and our youth members. Bring your songs, your short stories, your poetry and your enthusiasm to our stage!

J J Middleway

JJ is well known for his Enchanting the Void rituals and online presence. He will offer a daytime session of “Songlines of Avalon”; singing and chanting together in honour of the Land. He will also offer an evening session of “Earth Service: Devotional Druidry; Soing, Soul and Silence”, offered to ourselves, our community and the Land.

Penny Billington

Penny at Druid Camp 2019

Workshops, speaking topics, rituals… Penny does ’em all. The editor of OBOD’s Touchstone newsletter and partner to camp favourite blues man Z. Z. Birmingham, she will offer us themes around the Mabinogion, liminal spaces and non-human connection. Totemic talks and terrific all round inspriation.

Halo Quin

Halo Quin
Halo Quin

Dr Halo Quin is a pagan, storyteller, author, philosopher, and a lifelong lover of magic. She is a devotee of the Faery Queen, a lover of the Welsh gods, and sensual witch exploring the divine erotic and sacred nature of pleasure and beauty, in order to (re)enchant the world. Her books include “Gods and Goddesses of Wales”, “Faeries, Folktales, and Spirits” and “Crimson Craft – sexual magic for the solo witch”. Find out more at 

Halo will be offering workshops and storytelling

Seed Sistas

Herbs for Improving Psychic Ability 
Herbs are profound connectors to inner wisdom!  Have you ever wondered how you can work with plants to hone your psychic powers, increase your intuition and divination abilities? Herbs are amplifiers and often increasing the effectiveness of magical workings such as healing, psychic ability, and divination, alongside their amazing magical, medicinal properties and are wonderful form of natural magic. 

We Seed SistAs have been practicing magic and medicine with the plants for over two decades and have plenty of helpful hints and tips to share with you on this evening’s lively talk. 

Would you like to learn which exactly herbs are right for the magic you are seeking to use? We will explore how best to employ plants to support with divinatory practices, trance work, protection, delving deep and a safe return. Each herb has specific properties that correspond with certain aspects of life and magical practice – like astrology, body systems, particular deities etc. That’s why it’s important to know which herbs are right for the magic you are seeking to use. 

Kaz Goodweather and Fiona Heckels are the Seed SistAs.  They are hedge witches, published authors, public speakers, clinical herbalists and eco-activists and are passionate about sharing the magic of plant medicine education.  The Sensory Herbal Handbook, their first publication is a popular guide to getting to know your local plants through medicine, art, poetry and magic. Their second publication Poison Prescription’s is a grimoire holding stories of the Witching herbs.

Wayne Danewood

Wayne Danewood

Wayne Danewood aka “Dane” has been a regular facilitator and member of Druid Camp since it’s beginning.

This year he is again offering 2 Sessions of the fun Circus skill of ‘Target Knife and Axe throwing’.
Whether you are a regular thrower with Dane or have never tried it, you will be welcomed by Dane and his Assistant Instructor .

With over 30 years experience in knife throwing and 22 years as an instructor in both Knife and Axe throwing, Dane is a full Member of ‘The UK Knife, Axe and Tomahawk Throwing Association ‘ (K.A.T.T.A).

Dane follows National Guidelines ensuring that his Range and his Sessions, are run to the highest level of Safety and enjoyment for all his participants and Assistant Instructors.

Mad Magdalen

Mad Magdalen

Mad Magdalen : Proper Traditional Music played with attitude!
Whether on the main stage, around a camp fire, or plugged into a sun, wind or pedal powered amp or two, Mad Magdalen (pronounced “Mad Mawdlin”) offer traditional English music with attitude. We sing songs and play tunes about sex, death, dancing and magic with a sprinkling of the history you were never taught at school.

The Outcast Band

The Outcast Band are an intense and original indie folk-rock band hailing from Stroud.  The influences from folk, punk and rock are apparent but they have created a distinctive sound which has earned them a reputation for giving what many have described as the best live music experience of their lives.

The Outcast Band

Healing Tent

Mouse will again be facilitating a group of trained and insured healing practitioners who will offer a gamut of supportive tried and tested therapies. Some costs apply to some treatments and all subject to availability on the day.

Morning Yoga

We know how enthusiastic some of you are for a wakeful awakening each morning, and we’re delighted to confirm that Victoria Nauen will lead morning yoga sessions during camp. Bring a mat if you have one, and share calm time in mindful preparation for the day to come.

Victoria Nauen is a British Wheel of Yoga certified teacher who has practiced yoga for 26 years and has taught it for 16, both in the UK and internationally. Her morning flow class will offer Sun Salutations combined with Druid and elemental themes and is suitable for all levels.

Kids Area

The Dome will be back!

Druidry isn’t all about old people with fake beards. It is vital that we engage with the younger folk in order that the traditions continue. No indoctrination; just well supported and facilitated fun for your kids. It’s not a creche, nor are we childminders, but we’ll offer activities thorughout the camp. “…and don’t forget your mug!” 🙂

Craft Area


Druid Camp 2015

Sweatlodges are serious ritual; not a chance for a sauna! Experienced sweat lodger Manu will guide a small group of campers through the building of the lodge, the firing of it and the spiritual ceremony within it. If you’ve not done one before it’s a chance to learn, and if you’re a long time sweater you’ll want to get your name down on the shortlist. Pre-sweat health advice is given on the day.


A favourite at Druid Camp, and generally on a Saturday morning… a simple opportunity to throw down a sheet and heap up anything you want to sell. Everyone loves wandering around the informal stalls, chatting, sharing and checking out the merch. It’s not a commercial thing, not big names, just camp folk who have something you might want to buy, or want what you may have to sell. No fees.

and of course…

The Druid Camp Virgins Informational Meeting and Blood Sacrifice

It’s the first time for someone, every time, and we want to dispell any anxiety and embarrassment right from the get-go. No, of course there’s no blood sacrifice… or is there? No, ok, no blood and the only sacrifice is an hour of your time as long standing members of the camp answer your questions and run you through the way we operate at camp. It’s not compulsory but it is fun.

Remembering all that has been… and is yet to be discovered Druid Camp 2019