Attendance Subscription

Attendance at Druid Camp is a benefit of membership of the Druid Camp Association. Membership is by subscription and lasts for one year, but can be renewed thereafter.

Druid Camp 2019

The subscription cost is tiered by age, as shown below.

Adults (over 19 years of age) = £150

Accompanied Teenagers (13 to 17) and 
Young Adults (18 and 19 years of age) = £50

Accompanied Children (5 – 12 years of age) = £30

Accompanied Children under five = no charge

Purchase your subscription here!

Although we will not be issuing partial (or weekend) memberships, a limited number of cash sales will be available on the gate from Friday evening. It is assumed however that all members will wish to attend the whole camp.

Please understand, no person under 18 shall be permitted onto site unless they are accompanied and supervised by a person holding an Adult membership. If memberships are sold to unaccompanied children, teenagers or young adults they will still not be permitted on site unless accompanied by a person holding an adult membership who will take responsibility for them.

We also have a low traffic opt-in email list to which you are invited to join.