Druid Camp ’23 FAQ

We’ve put commentary in here where we think there might be needful clarification and where we’ve been asked for some. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please do get in touch, druidcamp@gmail.com This list is still being updated.

Druid Camp 2019

Association Membership

We have chosen to adopt a membership subscription rather than simply selling tickets. We are an association, a club, whose members come together each year to meet old friends and new. As a member based organisation we invite you to own a part of the association and become invested in the idea of Druid community. In this fashion, too, you gain invitation to the post-camp AGM and advise the working committe how we should spend the subscription next time. It’s a bold concept, outlined in more boring terms in the Constitution.

Children at Camp

We love having young people at Druid Camp. Young people are the Druids of the future! We have a supervised and facilitated youth area which caters for all ages, and we look forward to engaging with your kids – but it is not a creche nor a day care. We expect you to be in charge of your children at all times. They are your responsibility. It is important that you ensure they understand what to do if they get lost, or if they hurt themselves. For this reason, on arrival, the Gate crew will ask for the name and contact details of the accompanying adult. These details will be destroyed post-camp.

Dogs at Camp

We are often asked if dogs can attend camp, and our simple response is, sorry, no. Because the camp site is on and close to working farmland, a no dogs policy is a strict requirement of the site. The sole exception to this is authenticated assistance dogs. We refer you to this document and make it clear that any infringement of this reasonable code of practice is likely to mean to are asked to leave site immediately and without refund of membership.

Dress Code

There may be the odd bit of nakedness encountered on site, especially in the camping area where the constraints of small tents and the acceptance of our natural selves is more important that the modern social inhibitions. Nevertheless, we would ask that people are clothed in the main marquee areas, and we require clothing to be worn in the cafe and in the proximity of the kids area. We feel this is an honourable balance of self and community need.

Fires at Camp

There will be communal fires on site, and we have agreed with the site owner that individual camp fires in fire bowls set off the ground are allowable. We cannot allow surface fires, which both damage the soil structure and increase the risk of uncontrolled fire. If you intend to have a camp circle fire for cooking or community, please ensure you bring with you and use a raised fire bowl.

First Aid at Camp

We will have nominated First Aiders on site, who will be available for urgent or emergency intervention. They’re there for the real problems, and we trust you won’t need them at all. If we need to get anyone external medical aid the Gate Folk will know how. If you just need a plaster we will probably have one, but please consider equipping your own camp with a first aid kit of your own. We are quite capable of cutting our own finger!

Gate Folk

You’ll be met on arrival by our Gate Folk. The gate is your first point of call for information, lost items (and children!), emergencies and almost everything. They will offer instruction and advice when you arrive and will have contact with key camp personnel. Their word is law, so please follow their guidance; which is solely for the benefit of a safe and enjoyable camp.

Tin Tents

Some of us have been doing this for a while now, and the ground gets to be hard on old backs… If you are bringing camper vans or small to medium motorhomes the site has confirmed access and there should be no trouble getting you on and off site. If you are bringing something “exceptionally comfortable” please do send us the dimensions and get confirmation from us that we can manage you. If you bring a caravan we will ask that you decouple and move your car to the parking area.

Vehicles at Camp

We will ask that you park your vehicles in the car party area where they can enjoy themselves in authentic car focused activities while you have fun at Camp. We do not expect cars to be in use during Camp, but marshalls will engage with anyone wishing to move their vehicles on and off site. If you are living in your vehicle then obviously you will need to bring it onto the camp site but therafter it is not expected to move for the duration of Camp, to ensure safety of campers.


We do not provide bins for waste or recycling at camp. Our ethos is one of “leave only footprints”, and we ask that you bear that in mind long before you attend camp. Take away everything that you brought, rubbish and all, when you leave. You might for example consider removing excess packaging before you come to camp, and how you can most effectively remove your waste from site when you leave. Please, leave only footprints… tread lightly; respect the sacred space and return again in peace.

Weapons (!)

The only weapons we bring to camp are our wit and competitive poetry! However, we are excited to confirm that Wayne Danewood will bring his throwing axes to camp for a demonstration and limited attendance workshop. This will take palce away from everything else, and be tightly managed by Wayne and his assistants. Wayne is both skilled and trained in this practice, and is also in charge of fire marshalling on site, to keep everyone safe.