Honourable Relationship

Druidry is all about seeking out and building Honourable Relationships; with the land, with the gods, with other people. It is fair to say that we tend to be people who do their best to be excellent with those relationships, but we are humans and sometimes we break.

The Druid Network explained that the principle of honourable relationships is about living in peace and harmony with others and nature. The principles of honour, respect, truth and justice are of primary importance and constitute the basis of all Druid practice


At Druid Camp, we are “a broad church’ (couldn’t resist) of folk who express their Druidry in various ways not always exactly we ‘we’ do. Some of us have a relaxed attitude to the use of substances (including coffee and alcohol), a relaxed attitude to late night drumming, a relaxed attitude to disciplined parenting… At Camp we need to respect each other. If we don’t, we need to understand there are consequences.

It’s hard to say there are rules at Camp, but there are rules at Camp.

We need you to get on with your fellow campers, or at least not anger them.
We need you to allow others to sleep once it’s dark, particularly where there are children sleeping, so cease drumming or playing loud music.
We need to ensure safe space, everywhere, for everyone. That means preventing interfamily or in fact any arguments from overflowing into the camping spaces. It means keeping a clean campsite, and helping each other enjoy Camp.

Most especially it means no bullying and no sexual exploitation or harassment, of anyone, at any time. It means respecting people’s personal spaces particularly in areas where nakedness might be encountered. It means understanding no means no, and saying sorry, and “being excellent”. It means if you encounter things you might not feel meet your own standards but do not harm you, you let it go.

Believe me when I say there is zero tolerance for dishonourable relationship. Zero tolerance for breaking the ring of love that surrounds Druid Camp. At best, you will be required to leave the Camp with no refund and no appeal. At worst we will call the police and have them arrest you.

It never happens. This policy is never needed. Until it does, and it is. May the gods cry if ever they find we have dishonoured them in our Camp.